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Turn on Ambiance


FlipSide Lively is a creative workshop platform, we’re here to help get those creative juices flowing. We want you to enjoy the workshops as much as possible and get involved with the responses! FlipSide: Lively is here as a little distraction if you need it or you feel everything is just a bit too serious recently. Have fun with all the workshops we’ve created, we love seeing what you’ve done!

DEFACE EM​: A mini workshop to get your mischievous side and old doodling techniques out.

Express Yourself​: A mini workshop to help get those emotions out in a creative way.

Seize The Moment​: A workshop to trigger your creativity in finding objects and spelling out a word the describes your quarantine life.

We Want Your (shite) Design​: A workshop to allow acceptance of pieces of work we see as a failure as it's such an important part of the design process.

The FlipSide Playbook​: A workshop to explore your experimental side by taking
apart and adapting our FlipSide identity.

Together From Afar​: A workshop to allow collaboration and appreciate different outcomes can come together.

The Meaning of Isolation​: A workshop that helps bring to light objects that during this time have been given a whole new meaning.